So what are Proximity Alarms or what is the REM Pod made by Das Distribution?

Proximity alarms work by emitting a small field around the antenna or conductive surface and when this field is broken this causes the alarm to sound.

These can be used to see if anything touch's or goes near the device you can also attach a lead to the aerial to another device such as a maglite to prove whether it is being touched or not.

The most popular device is the Rem Pod made by Das Distribution or Gary Galka who well known to most in the paranormal field  Gary make's devices specific for the paranormal field.

However the ones shown on the left are ones we made ourselves and work very similar as a Rem Pod.

We have all heard of the EMF meter or the most known version the "K2".

there are many other pieces of equipment a paranormal investigator can use infact if you really wanted you could spend thousands of pounds on kit.

But we think that most of the truly great equipment comes from the ones that you make yourself as you get to control how it looks and how it works and also saves you a lot of money.

As paranormal investigators we need equipment that sometimes serves a specific purpose or just needs to be a specific size so we designed our own em pumps, evp recievers, proximity alarms & E field detectors seen in the picture above.

So next time you go to purchase that must have gadget for ghost hunting see if you can make one yourself for a fraction of the price.

Theories suggest that the manifestation of a spirit gives of a static charge this can be felt when you get that tingling sensation on the back of your neck or the hairs on your arm stand up.

These detectors can pick up such charge whether it be a Negative or Positive static charge so if the light goes dim or out your possibly not alone.

Unlike many other static detectors we have built ours have a telescopic antenna making them extremely sensitive which is perfect for paranormal work and the led is ultra bright so you can see them from some distance.

We are now offering these to other
teams and if your interested in purchasing any then drop us a message.

See our demonstration video below of these detectors.