More a less every paranormal researcher/investigator owns a EMF meter of some kind.

We decided to test the most popular 3 emf meters and also the fake K2 meter to show how they react to a Walkie Talkies, EM Pumps & Mobile phones.
We made the mistake of buying a fake KII meter and it was sold at the same price as a official KII so we made this video to help those who already have a KII or are thinking of buying one to check if theirs is fake or not.

Hope this helps.
This video below shows how a RFID phone pouch can remove unwanted radio signals from the P-SB7.

If you use a external speaker be aware the wire to the external speaker will act as a antenna and still pick up signals close to it although this does not effect sessions as it would be a extremely rare case that you are less than 2 foot from a radio transmitter.

If you dont use a external and only the internal on the P-SB7 then it will block all radio.

We hope this helps as we was searching for a way to prove to skeptics when we get voices that its near impossible to be radio when we use this pouch.