This video below shows how a RFID phone pouch can remove unwanted radio signals from the P-SB7.

If you use a external speaker be aware the wire to the external speaker will act as a antenna and still pick up signals close to it although this does not effect sessions as it would be a extremely rare case that you are less than 2 foot from a radio transmitter.

If you dont use a external and only the internal on the P-SB7 then it will block all radio.

We hope this helps as we was searching for a way to prove to skeptics when we get voices that its near impossible to be radio when we use this pouch.


06/11/2016 19:34

I've been experimenting with putting my sb7 in a metal dish which successfully blocks all FM signals but I worry that it also blocks the spirits. I recently relocated to Colorado and have no reason to think my apartment is haunted, but I'm hoping through persistence to be able to draw in some voices from the other side. There is also a river right behind my building so maybe the running water can help facilitate contact, if there is anything to that theory? Unfortunately there are no cemeteries nearby...I had compelling results at a couple of those back in Massachusetts. Getting back to the metal dish though, is there a danger it will actually block voices from coming through?

Derby Paranormal Investigators
26/01/2018 13:22

Its all about experimenting we use with and without the pouch so you could say yes that the dish is blocking but we have also had voices even when they are blocked.

I would say this maybe depends on the strength on the energy try both methods as there's no right or wrong.


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