Must be 18+ and physically fit for insurance purposes.
Have a interest in the paranormal or the unexplained
Flexible approach on times & dates
Internet access primarily Facebook for team updates
Be willing to commit to as many team events,investigations & meetings as possible

Do you have a interest in the paranormal? Our team are now recruiting new team members.

All of our team are voluntary as we are a non-profit group but the experiences and people you meet within the team is priceless. We pride ourselves on being a very friendly, professional and family style group.

Due to insurance we can only accept 18+ and you must not have any medical conditions that will effect your safe participation in investigations if you are unsure please contact us or seek medical advice.

Please email or use our contact form to apply and details will be sent to you of our next recruitment day.

Apply now via:  info@paranormalderby.co.uk

20th October 2017 - A evening talk on the Paranormal with Derby Paranormal Investigators Lead Investigator Mark Whyatt - With over 10 years experience in the field this is not to be missed and
Mark will be bringing along some of his haunted items for you to see best of all entry is FREE just turn up.

28th October 2017 - Were back again this year for a public investigation at the museum. 

have seen the tv shows so why not give it a try yourself.....

Tickets £28 each and available from the museum

Both events tickets and details can be obtained via the Museum
0115 907 1141
We invite you to join us at the Ritz Belper on the 15th July 2017.

We believe this building once housed a court room and the cellars were cells of those on trial. One room in the cellar in particular has effected several members of our team.

From shadow figures, dark mists, unexplained noises,sudden temperature drops, strange evp's all have been reported at this location.

We will be giving equipment training before the investigation so you will get to see and use equipment as seen on popular TV shows that you love such as the P-SB7,Kinect Tracking System,Mel Meter, Ovilus and the K2 Meter to name a few.

Our team will also be bringing along one of our haunted items that we have collected all which have come from real cases.

Price:  £25 per person.
Age: 18+
Time: 10.00pm -2.30am
Our events sell out very fast and tickets are limited to 14 so ensure you dont delay on booking.

A big big thank you to everyone who attended the even at Erewash museum was a interesting night and hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Was a very interesting night for us all.

So from all of the team thank you & get that much needed sleep.

If you have any photos from the event please feel free to send them to us.
Jason Love - International Demonologist & Richard Felix - Paranormal Historian filmed at Paracon UK,Derby England 2014 @ Derby Conference Centre
Amy Goodwin sister of Ghost Adventures cast Aaron Goodwin filmed at Paracon UK,Derby England 2014 @ Derby Confrence Centre
Brian J Cano From Haunted Collector & Scared filmed at Paracon UK,Derby England 2014 @ Derby Confrence Centre
We had some unexpected visitors on our Investigation at Craftys Airsoft in Derby.

Shortly after our event finished and we was packing our equipment away we heard voices in the shop upon investigating we realised that it was being burgled.

The shop was locked by the owners but because we knew the layout of the building we gave chase on the culprits managing to almost knock one of them on the bicycles as they made there getaway.

If there is anyone who attended our event that night and have any information please contact Derbyshire Police on 101.

We was featured in many papers and online media regarding this so for more details see the links below.