We invite you to join us at the Ritz Belper on the 15th July 2017.

We believe this building once housed a court room and the cellars were cells of those on trial. One room in the cellar in particular has effected several members of our team.

From shadow figures, dark mists, unexplained noises,sudden temperature drops, strange evp's all have been reported at this location.

We will be giving equipment training before the investigation so you will get to see and use equipment as seen on popular TV shows that you love such as the P-SB7,Kinect Tracking System,Mel Meter, Ovilus and the K2 Meter to name a few.

Our team will also be bringing along one of our haunted items that we have collected all which have come from real cases.

Price:  £25 per person.
Age: 18+
Time: 10.00pm -2.30am
Our events sell out very fast and tickets are limited to 14 so ensure you dont delay on booking.



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